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The best way to grow from a small circle into a community or village is through a campaign. A campaign is a sequence of meetings, events, and actions, that all have a common objective.

Cosecha Circles participate and lead local, statewide, and national campaigns. Some previous Cosecha campaigns include #DriversLicensesForAll in New Jersey, a campaign to end the collaboration of local sheriff and ICE in Athens, Georgia, a campaign against the implementation of the anti-immigrant Texas Law SB4 in San Antonio, and Un Día Sin Inmigrantes, a national campaign to show this country how much it depends on immigrant labor that culminated in mass mobilizations on May 1st, 2017.

Read more about different active campaigns below. There are lot more ideas out there and we welcome your creativity! If there is a campaign you would like to run locally, here are some tools to help you get going: [CAMPAIGN PLANNING TOOLS.]

Campaigns for Drivers Licenses: #ManejandoSinMiedo #LicensiasSiPromesasNo

Cosecha Circles in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Michigan are all part of campaigns to win drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants in their states. Your circle can start a campaign in your state or join one that is already underway to win drivers licenses for immigrants and grow the movement.

To get involved, reach out to Carlos Rojas - [email protected], (732) 372-1487.

#NoIDFromMe: Kicking ICE off of Greyhound!

Cosecha circles in Florida are running a campaign to kick ICE and Border Patrol off of Greyhound buses. We will also be organizing allies and supporters to pledge to not give the IDs if Border Patrol asks for them in protest of Greyhound's collaboration with Border Patrol. Are you in a border state where this is happening? Get involved in the campaign!

To get support to move this forward, reach out to Juan Carlos Carabantes - [email protected]

Sign our petition here:!


Cosecha Virginia is organizing TPS holders, families, and supporters to build community among TPS holders and fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect.

To get involved, reach out to Haydi Torres, [email protected], (571) 398-1142 or join the WhatsApp Group:

Plan an Event or Action

Have you decided what campaign you want to join? Have another idea for an action that makes sense in your community? Move to the next page to learn more about the action cycle - 1) planing, 2) taking action, 3) absorb new people and get started planning your first action!