Find Support

There are many ways to get support for what you are trying to do. Please ask for the support you need - we are ready to provide it!

Materials and Toolkits

Here are a few guides we have prepared:

For more advanced toolkits and guides, reach out to the contact people below.

Coaching and Skill Building

We also have more advanced toolkits and guides. Reach out to the support contact below based on what support you would like.

Skill or Work Bucket




Communications - social media and press outreach

Patricia Murphy


[email protected]

General Coaching - get support to start your team, plan an action

Juan Pablo Orjuela


Campaign Development - if you already have a strong core team, get support to start planning a campaign

Vera Parra


[email protected]

Fundraising - raise money for your Cosecha Circle or campaign

Dylan Lazerow


[email protected]


In moments when local circles are active and engaged in local work, amplification through media platforms is crucial. Our communication team can help you amplify your work through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, local newspapers, radio, posters, texting systems, and other digital technologies.

To request support in amplifying a local action through Cosecha's communication channels, reach out to Patricia Murphy (see contact info above).

On the Ground Support

Circles may request support from the network of national volunteer organizers to help with an action or campaign in their communities. Volunteer organizers are in communities working on projects and campaigns across the country, so our coordination team will have to make decisions about what we are able to do. Get in touch with Cat Adorno to request that volunteer organizers come to your community: [email protected]

Partnerships and Connections

Local relationships and connections are crucial to supporting the work of Cosecha circles. Cosecha has relationships and connections can share them to local circles to support their work, based on needs. Reach out to Carlos Rojas, [email protected] for support with local partnerships.

Have More Questions?

If you are looking for support that isn't offered here or you have a question that can't be answered, please send an email to [email protected] or message Movimiento Cosecha on Facebook and we will be help you out as best as we can.