Cycle: Act, Recruit, Train

In order to reach hundreds of thousands of people, we need to create momentum, hype, emotion, and excitement. We build the base and win public opinion on the issue of immigrants through escalating cycles of action, recruitment, and training. Continuing to act according to this cycle will ensure Cosecha keeps growing and appealing to a lot of people.

The cycles works best when they are part of local or national campaigns - or just sequences of the action cycle that have a clear demand in addition to the goal of growing the organization and winning new people to our side.


We mobilize people through dramatizing the plight of immigrants in the country. The target of the action is always the public. How we dramatize the plight depends on the phase of the strategy.

  • Doing the action, includes clear messaging

  • Media outreach: send out press releases, respond to interview needs

  • Actions are the way we reach new people, tell them basic info about who we are, show them our values, and get their information so we can invite them to the next action or event

  • Include method in all public communications so you can get people's information: sign in sheets, text loop ("Text Huelga to 41411"), Facebook message, website sign up (

  • Nonviolence

Absorb New People

After the action, you should do follow up with all the people whose information you got at the action or people who engaged on social media.

  • Invite people to an assembly or gathering to give them a role for the next action

  • Make sure everyone has a role for an upcoming event or action upon leaving the assembly, even if it is small! Everyone should have ownership over something.

  • Introduce people to the Cosecha DNA at the assembly

  • At the assembly, invite people to a 1-day workshop so they can get the full Cosecha DNA introduction

Training and Capacity Building

  • Inform others of Cosecha through orientation workshops or trainings

  • Raise money

  • Do skill-building trainings (social media, action planning, nonviolent discipline trainings)