Social Media Guide

Here are different social media and digital tools that will help you communicate, spread your message, reach new people, and keep track of your people.

Creating Content and Graphics

We recommend you use Canva in order to create graphics. Canva is a free program where you can upload photos and add text and then download the graphic so you can post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It's easy to create a free Canva account here.

[Here is the Cosecha Canva guide.]

Facebook Livestream

Facebook Livestream is a great way to tell your followers what is going on and how they can get involved. We recommend livestreaming from Cosecha Pages (for example, Cosecha New Jersey), but you can livestream from personal Facebook profiles as well! It is especially important to livestream actions and events, but you can livestream general updates about what your circles is doing and invite others to join you at any point.

Here is a Facebook Livestream guide

WhatsApp Guide

WhatsApp Groups - Lots of circles across the country use WhatsApp groups to communicate. You can create a WhatsApp group for your Circle's leadership team (3-12 people). You can also create a WhatsApp group for all interested people in your state.

WhatsApp Broadcast - You can also use WhatsApp broadcast feature. This way you can save a list to your WhatsApp account of up to 200 people and send them all an individual message at once. The recipients will need have your phone number saved. This is a great thing to use for recruitment.

Keep a Good List of Your People

We recommend strongly using a digital spreadsheet to keep track of the people your circle is engage. You can use Google Spreadsheet or AirTable for free. If you have a digital spreadsheet, you can download the list and more easily send mass emails or use Relay to send text messages to a lot of people at once.

Here is a basic Google Spreadsheet example you can use to keep track of leaders in your community who are engaged in your circle.

Text Systems

There are 2 ways we use texting in the movement. The first is a way for people to text a "keyword" to a short phone number. For example, we have one that is "Text HUELGA to 41411". When people text the word to the phone number, they get a small message in response. Get your phone out and try it! We get the list of phone numbers of those who send the message so we can reach out to them for follow up. This is a great tool to use if you are at a rally. For example you can say: "Thank you everyone for coming today. To get more information about Cosecha New Jersey and how to get involved in the campaign, text COSECHA to 41411".

We also use a system called "Relay" that allows us to send text messages to a list of phone numbers that you have to invite people to actions, meetings, or see how they want to be involved. When people respond to the initial message, you can start having personal conversations with them.

Cosecha National pays for Relay and the 41411 system in order for our local teams to use them. Reach out to the Cosecha Digital team so we can help you use these tools. Reach out to Arielle Clynes with support with either of these systems: [email protected], 845-480-4476.

Get More Social Media and Digital Support

Remember, you can always get more support with social media, press, campaign planning, fundraising, and more from our national support team.