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Cosecha Asada or Cosecha Posada

Community events like Cosecha Asadas and Cosecha Posadas can help gather the community. It helps you identify people who would like to get more involved. And it also gives us a chance to practice organizing events as a team!

[Here is a guide on how to organize a Cosecha Asada or Cosecha Posada.]

TPSianos Gathering

Bring people with TPS in your community together to support each other and move forward the fight for permanent protection. You can find more info at or reach out to Haydi Torres - (571) 398-1142.

Intro to Cosecha Trainings

Below are the 4 Steps to hosting a Cosecha Training. We are happy to help you along the way and can likely send 1-2 of our organizers to your city/town to support with the initiation training. To get support, make sure you have filled out the Training Interest Form <LINK>.


Find a team of 3-7 people who want to help organize the Cosecha Initiation Training in your city or town.

The goal for Cosecha Trainings is to get 25 people in the room to learn about Cosecha and join the circle. Choose a time and date for the training with your team! Choose a date far enough in advance so that you can recruit 25 people to the training.

Choose roles for the training! Make sure someone one your team takes on each of the roles below.

1) Recruitment - Make sure community members are confirmed to come to your training. Start with your family and friends and then ask them to reach out to their family and friends. You can also hand out flyers and information in public places. Keep track of people who say they are interested and make sure you follow up to give them information. 2) Logistics - Make sure there is space, materials, and most! 3) Content - Will be the main facilitator. Your other team members will also be leading sections, but you will be the moderator and main person in front of the room.

Choose what the next steps for your training will be so you can make sure to take advantage of the excitement that will be in the room during the training to give people a next thing to work on to grow the Cosecha base in your city or town.

Next steps can include an action like a banner drop, a Salsa Shut Down, or another training. Click here for more on next steps.

Host your training!

Follow up!

Rally or March

Picket at Greyhound Bus Station