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Where are there Cosecha Circles?

Cosecha circles are all across the country. There have been many circles in New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, New York, California, Massachusetts, and starting to sprout in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Nevada, New York, Colorado, and more! We are growing every day!




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New Jersey

Elizabeth, New Brunswick, Trenton, Newark, Rahway, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Perth Amboy

Li Adorno: (347) 400-0872

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Merrimack Valley, Boston

Carlos Gabriel: (978) 885-3782

Facebook Page:


Athens, Greensboro

Rosalba Alvarez: (706) 201-7003


Los Angeles, San Diego

Claudia Treminio


San Antonio

Marcia Suarez

Facebook Page:


Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo

Gema Lowe: (616) 723-2859

Facebook Page:

Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C.

Northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland

Haydi Torres: (571) 398-1142

Facebook Page:

National Assembly in August 2018

We will be having the 3rd Cosecha National Assembly in August 2018. Follow us on Facebook and sign up for email updates to receive registration information soon!