Build Your Circle

Team Building

Cosecha Circles are teams of at least 3 people who want to learn more and participate in the movement to win permanent protection, dignity, and respect. Cosecha Circles agree to uphold our principles and are aligned with our strategy. It's ok if you don't have a team of 3 yet! Here are some ideas for finding a team of three.

Who Should I Ask to Join the Circle?

1) Ask your friends, family, and community members! Or attend other community events and hand out some flyers about Cosecha to start conversations and see who is interested. If there is a worker center or immigration support center, visit it and see if people are interested. There are many people out there who want to be asked to do more for the community, so you just have to find them and get them excited about Cosecha. You can always people to our website to learn more about Cosecha and our current campaigns.

2) Ask the New Circle Support Team to help you find others! We might also know other people around you who are looking to start a circle. See the support page for more on who to reach out to.

I have a team of 3. Now what?

Once you have a team of 3 or more, you should get on the same page about what it is you want to do. Is your team ready to plan an action? Do you want to take more time to learn more about Cosecha? Do you want to host a community gathering? We recommend taking 2-3 weeks to do relationship building on your team to strengthen your trust and commitment to the Cosecha Circle. Here are some initial ideas:

  • Have a meeting with your Circle. Try out a practice we call "Storytelling and Resonating" to build trust with your team. Here is a guideline.

For more support on relationship building, find support here.

Team Communication

Make sure your team has a way to communicate. This can be as simple as a WhatsApp Group or Group Text Chat. There are some guidelines on how to use WhatsApp on the Social Media Guide page.