Media & Press Outreach

Build Your Press Team

In order to get press to your events, you will want to fill a few key roles that make up the Press Team:

  1. Spokespeople - 1-3 people to talk to the press

  2. Media contact - someone to handle media requests that are coming in

  3. Speakers and MC - you will want 1 person to be the MC for the event and 2-5 speakers who can tell their stories and why you organized the event

Write press materials

After you fill the key roles, you will want to come up with messaging and talking points. Make sure everyone on the Press Team agrees to the messaging and talking points. This messaging will be the basis of the press advisories, press releases, and social media content that is created.

Next step will be to write the advisory for event. You will want to collect quotes from the spokespeople to add to the advisory. Here is an example press advisory and [press release].

Get a media list

You will want a list of journalists and reporters that you can send your advisory and release to. You can ask local organizations if they can share your advisory and release with you.

How to get media to your event

Prepare spokespeople

Prepare your speakers and spokespeople to speak by practicing the speakers and talking points. It’s best if you do mock interviews to practice. Here are some tips on how to be a spokesperson for Cosecha.

The day of the event

Sent out the media advisory the morning before the action or event and again on the day of the action! It's best to send it out before 9 AM. If you have time, send an individual email to each reporter and give them a call. You can also blast out the release to everyone by emailing yourself and putting all the reporters in the BCC field in your email. The day of the event, confirm all the press that committed to coming, and send out a media advisory.

After the event, send a press release that describes what happened and includes quotes from spokespeople.

After the event

Over the next few days, compile your media hits, and add new media contacts to your media list. Have a Press Team meeting to celebrate what you were able to accomplish as a team and also debrief what went well and what can be better for next time.

Get More Media Support

Remember, you can always get more support with social media, press, campaign planning, fundraising, and more from our national support team.